About Us

Dedication, experience and trust. For five generations we have been producing world class performance leathers.

In 1891 Joseph Packer, an English immigrant, opened a woolskin and leather tanning factory in Brisbane. Five generations later, Packer Leather is an internationally recognised performance leather specialist.

Joseph Packer excelled through tenacity and honest business principals. Over 100 years later, the Packer family continues to work with these values and subsequently Packer Leather has grown to be one of the industry leaders, worldwide, in high performance leather.

The company’s success is built on a foundation of expert leather knowledge with an ongoing focus on research and development and ensuring staff are continually trained to be leaders in their field, which in turn ensures the production of fit-for-purpose high performance leathers.

The Packer family is committed to the environment and continues to invest into the supply of a sustainable raw material and enhanced environmental processes and outcomes. We are working together to ensure Packer Leather will be here for generations to come.

Our values

Our misson
To remain the leading Australian manufacturer of performance leathers for the global market.

Our strategy is to build long term relationships with customers. We listen to what customers are saying and work with them to resolve any challenges.

Everyone deserves a go and employees will be given every opportunity to reach their potential. Our expectation is that each employee will actively work towards a better operating environment. Our concern for employees extends to a concern for their family. We wish to foster a sense of belonging to this family business.

We believe a supplier’s true worth is seen through their ability to remedy problems, not just cut prices. Our suppliers are partners in our success.

Implement the highest levels of environmental stewardship through a focus on a renewable natural resource. Ensure production is in line with rigorous international, environmental standards that are subject to independent audit.

Help maintain an educated, aware and self-supporting local community through accessibility, sponsorships and assistance to selected charities.

Contact Us

For any enquiries regarding products or placing an order, simply contact our factory outlet on:

T: +61 (0) 7 3203 1323
F: +61 (0) 7 3203 3707
E: shop@packerleather.com